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Organisation Description

ICE Training is the training arm of the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) and the leading provider of specialist training for civil engineers, project managers and construction professionals.

Whether you are new or aspiring to the profession, or an experienced practitioner, we offer training courses that satisfy knowledge requirements across the breadth of infrastructure. Areas we cover include BIM, CDM 2015, Eurocodes, Health and Safety, Temporary Works, Project Management and ICE Professional Review. All our courses can be used as part of your CPD and ICE-CPD requirement.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • ICE Training: Project Cost Management – Estimating, Budgeting and Value

    Training Course | ICE Training

    ICE Training

    This programme equips you with the ability to prepare and control budgets, and confidently manage costs within your project’s commercial framework. During the training course you will address three broad themes that underpin project cost:
    • The project budget – What is the project budget and how does it compare to the final cost
    • Cost estimating – How do we develop an estimate of the cost – and does this differ between client, designer and contractor
    • Risk and value – How are risk and value incorporated into the budget

  • ICE Training: Technical Report and Business Writing (Classroom and eLearning)

    Training Course | ICE Training

    ICE Training

    Available in two formats: Two day classroom training and 280 minutes eLearning.

    This course provides the foundations for effective technical report and business writing in a work environment. It is designed to give those who are tasked with turning their technical knowledge and expertise into reports used for business planning the knowledge and skills they need.

    The basics of communication are discussed at the outset and the general structure of reports outlined to ensure clear dissemination of written information.

  • ICE Training: BIM for Infrastructure

    Training Course | ICE Training

    ICE Training

    The result of a unique collaboration between the ICE BIM Action Group and Government’s BIM Task Group, ICE BIM for Infrastructure is a leading BIM training programme in the UK.

    The two day syllabus embeds the Task Group’s framework for learning and development outcomes, and takes the delegate through each aspect of BIM in detail: data, application, contractual and insurance. It delivers clarity on how to integrate and apply BIM across projects.

    Successfully complete this and the BIM Implementation- Putting People first training to earn the ICE Certificate for BIM.

  • ICE Training: Sustainable Development – Design, Construction and Maintenance

    Training Course | ICE Training

    ICE Training

    This one-day training course will encourage you to consider your projects differently and equip you with the tools and know-how to revise your design decisions, construction processes and maintenance plans in a sustainable way.
    You will be able to assess the impact and returns for your decisions, undertaking a technology, ecology and commercial benefit analysis through case study and group exercise.

  • ICE Training: Principles of Construction Contracts (Classroom and eLearning)

    Online Course | ICE Training

    ICE Training

    Available in two formats: Two day classroom training and 90 minutes eLearning.

    This insightful training course offers delegates the following unique combination of benefits:
    • Delivered in clear, easy to understand language avoiding unnecessary legal jargon
    • Applicability in an international context
    • Completion of the programme may contribute to your IPD/CPD requirements

  • ICE Training: BIM Implementation - Putting People First

    Training Course | ICE Training

    ICE Training

    A useful one day training course that illustrates the changes in behaviour and culture required for the successful roll-out of BIM across project or organmisation, and what personal and developmental skills individuals need to implement BIM level 2 culture.

    Successfully complete this and the BIM for Infrastructure training to earn the ICE Certificate for BIM.

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