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Doctors think about prostate cancer in terms of PSA levels. The average patient doesn’t.
That’s why we need to change how we evaluate and talk to patients about their health.

At ICHOM, we’re developing a new paradigm focused on health outcomes – the results that matter most to patients. The end result? A world where patients ask their doctors about meaningful outcomes, and doctors can respond with data-driven answers.

To us, it’s more than improving the doctor-patient relationship. We’re creating a new definition of success that transforms health care in several important ways:

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • A Value Based Approach to Healthcare Leadership

    Webinar | ICHOM


    Preserving the value thought in a pandemic; Why Outcomes Measurement is Critical; Innovations in PROMs Collection; What about PREMs? Managing healthcare services in the current environment requires a very fluid approach. Treatment for non-COVID related healthcare has been de-prioritised during this period and leaders have had to take a crisis management position. In the wake of COVID-19; there will be profound and long-lasting impacts on healthcare delivery. Providers will have high volumes of backlog to pick up and may need to reset the system and do things differently. In this webinar; our speakers will address: What does a value based approach to leadership and healthcare delivery mean and how have healthcare leaders been preserving the value thought through this time? Why is outcomes measurement so critical and how have healthcare leaders prioritised PROMs capture through the pandemic? What innovations in PROMs capture have been employed? What about PREMs? What key piece of leadership advice would you offer peers in this time?

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