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Organisation Description

Award-winning, multi-discipline healthcare recruiter ID Medical was formed in 2002 and is a superior quality supplier of locum doctors, nurses, allied health professionals and clerical staff, holding preferred supplier contracts with over 90% of NHS hospitals and private medical sector organisations.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Nurses Revalidation Seminar

    Seminar | ID Medical

    The seminar will discuss all of the mandatory elements of revalidation; how to collect your evidence; what different requirements mean and also offer participants the ability to ask questions about the process.

  • Ultrasound and ECHO Level 1

    Training Course | ID Medical

    This course provides group lectures on ultrasound theory and knobology followed by small group practical sessions offering ample opportunities to practice scanning patients.

  • Communication & Interaction with Social Style

    Training Course | ID Medical

    This one-day workshop will highlight the four different behavioural types and how to become more versatile when interacting with each. You will also get a full report and understanding of your own behavioural preferences (based on the online questionnaire you complete prior to the course) and the impact this has on your communication.

  • The Art of Management and Leadership Part 1 of 3

    Training Course | ID Medical

    Our management & leadership programme equips all levels of managers and leaders with the essential skills & behaviours required to run their team efficiently & effectively. It looks at building relationships with different types of personalities in the team as well as other soft skills such as Emotional Intelligence There are lots of practical skills too; with exercises in this engaging & interesting programme for you to consider how to bring these skills to life daily back in the workplace.

  • Teamwork Development and Problem Solving

    Training Course | ID Medical

    One day management course where healthcare professional will learn to become an efficient team; ultimately able to apply better practices than a team without teamwork. You will work individually as well as in team and learn what and the why and put them into scenarios and deploying the best solution. You will learn in a group of healthcare colleagues; like- minded or not; as many will come to the course with different solutions; which can be tried and tested with the outcome of full understanding.

  • Surviving Sepsis

    Training Course | ID Medical

    Our Surviving Sepsis session is a one day course for all medical professionals aimed at improving the diagnosis and management of those with sepsis. Learning objectives include how to identify symptoms of sepsis; when to suspect sepsis for clinical diagnosis; how to evaluate risk levels and key interventions. On course completion; participants will understand the diagnostic criteria for sepsis and septic shock.

  • Multidisciplinary Interactive Practical Obstetric Drill course M-IPOD

    Training Course | ID Medical

    The Obstetric emergency course aims to provide candidates with an opportunity to work through a case-based in-depth discussion of many different antepartum and intrapartum emergencies and practice hands on most obstetric emergency scenarios.

  • Developing a Resilient Mindset

    Online Course | ID Medical

    One Day Training Workshop using the pre-course resiliency Profile questionnaire. This course will help build resiliency and high performance in a fast-paced world. Resiliency is a way to productively deal with stress.

  • IV Drug Administration and Therapy

    Training Course | ID Medical

    This one-day course is for medical professionals wishing to understand the administration of intravenous (IV) drugs and therapy. This course will cover legal and professional aspects; scenarios and drug calculations.

  • Clinical Skills Workshop with Up 2 Speed

    Workshop | ID Medical

    A one day course which is an excellent opportunity for doctors; nurses; AHPs and medical students not only to learn and practice specific skills; but to network with other doctors and nurses and gain a true insight into what’s expected of you working in the NHS. As part of the workshop; attendees will have access to clinical skills trainers where you can practice skills such as cannulation and venepuncture. You will also receive a Clinical Skills guide which features tips; tricks and photos demonstrating techniques.

  • Revalidation and appraisal

    Seminar | ID Medical

    A presentation on doctors’ revalidation and appraisals; a General Medical Council (GMC) requirement for every doctor. Providing our doctor candidates with detailed information on the preparation and requirements on how to efficiently and lawfully revalidate. Attending the seminar will benefit our doctor candidates as they will get to network with other colleagues who are going through the same process. The Q&A session will give the doctor candidates an opportunity to ask relevant questions.

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