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Organisation Description

“Ideas afresh Education guarantees
to throw some light over the rocky moments
parents, carers and professionals supporting an
autistic (and associated disorders) child may have.
Ideas afresh Education provides support, personalised resources
and CPD accredited training, which includes a free resource booklet
and focuses on skills and abilities that help manage behaviour,
improve communication and deepen understanding.
Training sessions available for individuals, group, home or setting.
For further details, to chat over a concern or booking please contact:”

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Bright Lights 4 hour Autism Spectrum and Associated Disorders Training

    Training Course | Ideas Afresh Ltd

    Ideas Afresh Ltd

    Bright Lights is Autism Spectrum and Associated Disorders Training:  Ideal for anyone involved with children and young people. You will gain a broader knowledge of this complex mix of ability and disability and a greater understanding of associated neuro-developmental differences. An ideal session for if you’re ready to hear some new ideas and learn about free and easy adjustments that can improve life for you and your child. Take away course booklet guarantees long term benefits to attending the course.

  • Light House training

    Training Course | Ideas Afresh Ltd

    Ideas Afresh Ltd

    A comprehensive day to explore; behaviour; neurodevelopment; communication; anxiety; skills and challenges; culminating in strategies and ideas that can enrich the lives of children and young people from a well-researched; evidenced and experience base. LIGHT Houses 10am -4pm.

  • Unexpected Journey

    Seminar | Ideas Afresh Ltd

    Ideas Afresh Ltd

    A reflective; experiential and anecdotal journey from the perspective of parents with autistic and neurodiverse children. By visiting commonly experienced challenges; successes and joys; that parents have shared with Anne-Marie’s 30+ years of practice we are able to identify ideas and approaches that may be helpful for individuals travelling their own unexpected journeys.The session incorporates audience participation; in form of making connective links; to own experiences. These are used as a tool and guide; to open thinking to new ideas and approaches.

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