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Organisation Description

We aims to provide services and support to individuals, families and communities for healthy and harmonious living. Whether you’re living with a mental health problem or supporting a family member, friend, or someone in the community, getting the right information and support can be difficult.

Inayat offers advice, help and support to individuals and groups who are experiencing a difficult period in their lives. We understand that at times the journey can be overwhelming and confusing and we aim to provide you with the relevant information, advice and support during this testing time.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Introduction to Safeguarding and Child Protection

    Training Course | Inayat Health and Wellbeing

    This is an introductory course for anyone who works with children or families in their paid or voluntary work. The aim of this course is to support individuals working with children and young people to become more effective?at safeguarding children.

  • Designated Safeguarding Officer Training

    Training Course | Inayat Health and Wellbeing

    Designated safeguarding officer training is for those who have a responsibility to coordinate the response to safeguarding concerns within their organisation and support others in doing so.

  • Introduction to Child Protection in Education

    Training Course | Inayat Health and Wellbeing

    The course covers the basic safeguarding issues that everyone must know; but also looks in more depth at issues which are relevant to an educational setting. Everyone who comes into contact with students has a responsibility to help safeguard children. This course will help you to understand the role that you play. ?

  • Safer Recruitment

    Training Course | Inayat Health and Wellbeing

    Learning about the safer recruitment process is essential for anyone who has responsibility for hiring new staff members to work with children and young people. All professionals have a duty to keep children safe from harm; and this duty begins with ensuring that the people you hire are appropriate for the role. If your job role includes the recruitment of employees and / or volunteers; or?the supervision of new employees?and / or volunteers; then this training course will provide you with everything you need to know in order to hire the right people with the right attitude for your setting.