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Organisation Description

We are the Academic Health Science Network for the North West Coast, covering Cheshire, Merseyside, Lancashire and South Cumbria, with around 4.1 million residents. Our footprint includes 25 NHS providers, 15 CCGs, nine universities and a large number of life science industry partners. Our core purpose is to spread innovation, improve health, generate economic growth

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Planning and Delivering Health Care Hackathons

    Training Course | Innovation Agency AHSN for the NWC

    Innovation Agency AHSN for the NWC

    The Hackathon methodology provides a framework that supports the creative process and supports an entrepreneurial culture and way of doing things. The training offered will equip people with skills to run a successful hackathon

  • Unlocking the Creative Mind – Putting Innovation into Practice

    Workshop | Innovation Agency AHSN for the NWC

    Innovation Agency AHSN for the NWC

    The unlocking the creative mind session is an interactive workshop that will identify and unlock barriers to greater creativity. This will allow more capacity to think differently; both individually and in teams; about issues and challenges faced. Participants will learn about the theory behind creativity and have an opportunity to practically apply creative approaches; tools and techniques.

Innovation Agency AHSN for the NWC
Vanguard House
Daresbury Sci tech, Keckwick Lane

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