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We believe that a healthy, nutritious diet and health promoting lifestyle is the key to long-lasting health and vitality, and that every individual should aim for optimum, not average, health. Unfortunately, the standard Western diet and lifestyle, combined with genetic predisposition and unhelpful beliefs and behaviours mean that many of us suffer poor or substandard health for a large proportion of our lifetime.
Therefore, there is a distinct and very real need for nutrition and health experts who have been trained using the functional medicine and health and wellness coaching models in the West. We are committed to training our students to the highest standard so they are equipped to enter the healthcare arena and work with individuals to maximise their health potential.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Coaching Skills for Everyday Life

    Online Course | Institute of Health Sciences

    Institute of Health Sciences

    Discover why coaching has become such a powerful tool for change and begin building a new ‘coaching’ and ‘growth’ mindset. Discover how this can transform many areas of your life. This course is designed to provide you with the necessary coaching skills and tools to enrich your life; giving you a greater sense of purpose; happiness and wellbeing. This is achieved by applying the methods outlined in the course such as effective self-evaluation; visioning; goal setting and reflection; plus the utilisation of effective communication techniques.

Institute of Health Sciences
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