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Organisation Description

IPFA is an independent professional members association dedicated to promoting and representing the interests of both public and private sector organisations involved in project finance and Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) worldwide.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • IPFA Australia: Sydney: NSW Government Update

    Seminar | International Project Finance Association (IPFA)

    This 2 hour seminar will focus on giving a market update in terms of governmental Project Finance and Infrastructure plans.

  • IPFA Australia: Sydney: Delivering Value-Add in Operational PPPs

    Seminar | International Project Finance Association (IPFA)

    A disproportionate focus is given to the procurement phase of PPPs in contrast to the strategies for maximising value post-Financial close. PPP Contracts are increasingly complex to manage. More emphasis is being given to optimising the delivery of services. This seminar will explore these issues from the different perspectives of government and the private sector.

  • IPFA Australia: Melbourne: Asian Inbound Investment in Australian Infrastructure

    Seminar | International Project Finance Association (IPFA)

    Given Asia's growing importance to our ongoing growth and prosperity and Asia's growing appetite for Australian infrastructure; this session will seek to provide specific insights into the growing part that Asia is playing in our infrastructure landscape.

  • IPFA Australia: Melbourne: Victorian Government Update

    Seminar | International Project Finance Association (IPFA)

    Victoria is facing the challenge of meeting the infrastructure demands of a population growing at record speeds. This seminar will discuss why investing in the state's major infrastructure program is becoming more critical to handle this demand – as is considering the most innovative and efficient ways to bring these projects to market

  • IPFA UK: London: Future Leaders Network (FLN): Success Stories in African Energy and Infrastructure

    Event | International Project Finance Association (IPFA)

    At this briefing; key industry experts will evaluate the key successes of African infrastructure projects in the energy sector; focusing on recently closed transactions in some parts of the continent; and discussing the key opportunities arising. The talk will focus on a brief case study on 2 recent transactions in the energy sector; which have been funded by international commercial banks. The case study will discuss the structure of an IPP and Oil and Gas project finance transaction in the region. A panel will then discuss some of the key success factors that are making African energy and infrastructure transactions work.

  • IPFA UK: London: Project Finance Post-Brexit: What Happens Now?

    Event | International Project Finance Association (IPFA)

    Join us for an evening of lively debate as the panel share their views and invite contributions from the audience on the most pressing political issue of the moment. Topics to be addressed include: Role of European Investment Bank in the UK Effect of Brexit on procurement rules and Eurostat requirements. Impact of Brexit on the progress of renewable energy projects and the drive towards a low carbon economy. Will the decline in sterling encourage more investment in UK infrastructure? What steps should the Government take to promote investment in infrastructure? How the relative attractiveness of the UK; versus other markets; could be affected for all players. Impact of slower growth on UK government spending plans and procurement approach.

  • IPFA UK: London: Smart Cities - How Does Infrastructure Need to Change to Enable Us to Deploy Smart Cities Fully?

    Seminar | International Project Finance Association (IPFA)

    Join us at this event as we assess the current state of play and explore the routes forward for businesses and funders looking to overcome the challenges associated with smart cities business models; infrastructure and funding to achieve the full deployment of smart cities.

  • IPFA UK: London: Energy Storage – A new PF Asset Class?

    Seminar | International Project Finance Association (IPFA)

    This event examines the current regulatory; financial; commercial and legal challenges issues facing the large scale deployment of energy storage and what needs to happen for greater deployment; including storage emerging as a distinct asset class

  • IPFA UK: Glasgow: The Scottish Energy Strategy - A Roadmap for the Future?

    Seminar | International Project Finance Association (IPFA)

    The Scottish Government has developed a new energy strategy for Scotland – published in draft in January 2017 it sits alongside the draft Climate Change Plan for consultation. The Climate Change Plan (previously known as RPP3) will set out the government’s policies and proposals for meeting its climate change targets to 2032; and the energy sector will be a critical part of that. The strategy will be a visionary statement of the Scottish Government’s plans for low carbon energy production and use – demonstrating how to facilitate and capitalise on the transition to a low carbon economy. It will bring together separate policy initiatives for the first time into one coherent narrative – aligning Scottish Government energy policy toward a common purpose. Through the strategy; the Scottish Government are keen to present a strong vision for the future energy system in Scotland (to 2050) – providing clear signals of its long term energy priorities to prospective investors.

  • IPFA East Africa: Nairobi: Roads PPPs Taking Shape Across East Africa

    Seminar | International Project Finance Association (IPFA)

    In recent years; governments in East Africa have started embracing the concept of PPPs and are now taking great strides towards implementation; particularly in the roads sector. This event will look to further unpack the roads programmes in Kenya and Uganda as both countries shift into the procurement phase on their flagship projects. Attendees will have a chance to hear the latest updates from senior representatives of Kenya National Highways Authority and Uganda National Roads Authority along with a panel discussion and Q&A.

  • IPFA South Africa: Johannesburg: When the Well Runs Dry - A Constructive Discussion on Water Security

    Seminar | International Project Finance Association (IPFA)

    Water security is a key risk facing all South Africans and is not limited to those living in the Western Cape. Reliable sources predict that with the influence of droughts and floods caused by global warming; population growth and increased usage of water for agriculture; all South Africans will be faced with water security concerns by 2025. How can Government and the private sector assist in alleviating this looming infrastructure crisis? Join us and our panel of lenders; private equity investors; environmental law experts and technical guru’s to evolve the conversation for future solutions.

  • IPFA Ireland: Dublin: Transport Sector Update

    Seminar | International Project Finance Association (IPFA)

    This event will be an update from the CEOs of the principal transport infrastructure agencies on their current\planned projects for the road and rail sectors.

  • IPFA Webinar: Middle East Market Update – Will 2018 signal a re-boot of the Middle East project finance market?

    Webinar | International Project Finance Association (IPFA)

    Our Middle East Branch Council have released another on-demand webinar; asking the question ‘Will 2018 signal a re-boot of the Middle East project finance market?’.

  • IPFA Webinar: How to Manage Credit Risk for Investments in Renewable Energy Sector during Expected and Unexpected Times

    Webinar | International Project Finance Association (IPFA)

    Investors in the renewable sector need to make smart investment and portfolio management decisions in a very competitive market. Recent natural disasters are reminders of the importance of renewable energy investments to support economic growth and sustainability. During this webinar; we will explore the fundamentals of credit risk management for project finance and then delve deeper into best practices to assess default and recovery risk for the renewable energy sector.

  • IPFA Webinar: Benchmarking the Private Infrastructure Equity Market: How and Why?

    Webinar | International Project Finance Association (IPFA)

    Three years ago; a team of researchers at EDHEC business school endeavoured to create a reference index of the financial performance of private infrastructure investments. It took that long to collect millions of data points about hundreds of private infrastructure firms and SPVs; design asset pricing models that could handle this data and produce the risk-adjusted performance metrics that large institutional investors and prudential regulators have been lacking to better understand the role of the infrastructure ‘asset class’. This webinar will present the approach taken to collect data and to build a representative market index; to produce quasi-market valuation that are not plagued by the usual ’stake price’ issues found in private equity; and to build indices that can be used for asset allocation; performance monitoring and risk model calibration.

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