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Organisation Description

We develop advanced data management connectivity and analytics technologies that help our clients make breakthroughs in healthcare financial services government utilities and other industries that demand the highest software performance and reliability.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Implementing The Mobile Experience

    Training Course | InterSystems

    This course teaches how to use the new zen mojo technology to build simple, intuitive and touch-responsive interfaces for applications running on mobile devise. Prerequisite familiarity with cache and JavaScript.

  • Intersystems In The Cloud

    Training Course | InterSystems

    This hands-on training course will teach how to deploy cache and ensemble based breakthrough applications in the cloud. Prerequisite familiarity with cache and JavaScript.

  • Embedding Active Analytics For Action

    Training Course | InterSystems

    This training course shows how to embed deep see into breakthrough applications in order to help users, or the application itself, take informed action by providing insights exactly when and where they are needed. Prerequisite familiarity with deep see

  • Intelligent Text Searching

    Training Course | InterSystems

    This hands-on course teaches ways to use intelligent text searching using iknow technology. Prerequisite familiarity with cache.

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