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Organisation Description

Investing in Children provides research and participation services to organisations that work with children and young people. We create spaces for children and young people to come together to discuss ways of developing and improving the services and activities that are provided for them and support to work with adults who can make changes happen.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Children’s Human Rights: engaging in dialogue and change with children and young people

    Training Course | Investing in Children

    Investing in Children is a children’s human rights organisation. We support organisations to engage in a process of dialogue and change with children and young people so that the services that they provide are more meaningful; accessible and cost effective. We offer training on all aspects of children’s rights; children’s participation; co-production in children and young people’s research and in developing quality services.

  • Investing in Children: Delivering the Agenda Day™ Model

    Training Course | Investing in Children

    The Agenda Day™ model is a specific tool that we have developed for engaging children and young people in dialogue. It supports practitioners to deliver adult-free spaces that are facilitated by children and young people. The training will create capacity within an organisation to develop and deliver the Agenda Day™ model with children and young people themselves.

Investing in Children
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