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Organisation Description

A non-profit, business-led Innovation Network of member companies and colleges, working together to drive excellence in Innovation within Ireland’s industry to create growth, jobs and prosperity.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Mastering Lean Product Development

    Workshop | IRDG (Industry Research + Development Group)

    This workshop provides a practical step-by-step methodology for integrating the powerful waste-eliminating tools of lean product development into any product development process.

  • R&D Tax Credit Clinic

    Workshop | IRDG (Industry Research + Development Group)

    These Clinics are designed to help companies become clearer about eligible activity; more independent in the management of claims and to be fully prepared so as to defend the claim in the event of audit.

  • Design Thinking Masterclass

    Workshop | IRDG (Industry Research + Development Group)

    This Masterclass focuses on learning by doing; whilst getting the opportunity to visit member companies who are already strong in this field. It consists of 4 days over 4 months; where participants will be taught the tools and techniques of Design Thinking. They will apply the step-by-step approach to a company project of their choice; giving them real results at the end.

  • Innovation Practice Groups

    Event | IRDG (Industry Research + Development Group)

    These provide a small intimate setting where members get to meet each other and learn about Research; Innovation; Continuous Improvement or Best Practices in the host company.

  • Financing & Driving Innovation

    Seminar | IRDG (Industry Research + Development Group)

    Irish innovating companies – SME’s and MNC’s – have at their disposal a wide variety of different funding & support programmes; from many different providers. Identifying the most suitable programme to apply for can be a time consuming exercise; not to mention the opportunity cost of not being aware of their existence! This seminar brings all the key players into one room to present and collate that the information – to help put that jigsaw together – whilst also giving delegates the chance to hear the experience of companies who have availed of such supports before.

IRDG (Industry Research + Development Group)
Regus Pembroke House
28-32 Upper Pembroke St
Dublin 2

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