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Organisation Description

Johnson Controls is a leading manufacturer of water-based fire suppression system components and ancillary building construction products.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • En54-23 Visual Alarm Devices

    Seminar | Johnson Controls

    Effective 31 December 2013 the en54-23 standard became mandatory for all visual alarm devices. This presentation covers the new regulations and explores how they will affect the process for all fire detection professionals.

  • Facilities & Property Management Guide To A Transparent Fire Alarm System

    Seminar | Johnson Controls

    This CPD session will provide a detailed overview on industry standards en54 and bs5839 and offer an explanation into the legal roles and responsibilities of facilities management personnel in the installation, maintenance and management of a fire detection system. The session will also offer an understanding of risk assessment process and give an insight into best practice methods.

  • Open and closed managed protocols explained

    Seminar | Johnson Controls

    This CPD session will provide a detailed overview of the flexibility of addressable systems design and the advantages of a protocol controlled system. Learners will developed a detailed understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of addressable and conventional systems The session will give an in depth understanding of protocol and provide a focused understanding of EN54 Part 13 certification requirements effecting decisions between open and closed protocol systems. The session will also cover installations guidelines effecting choices between an open and closed protocol managed system and give an overview of real world considerations to take into account when making the selection.

  • One Building One System

    Seminar | Johnson Controls

    This CPD session will provide a detailed overview of the concept of the Internet of Things and how devices for the security and fire protection of a building can be linked together using a single front end platform which allows remote access to improve building management. The session will enable learners to develop an understanding the advantages of integration of fire detection and alarm systems with CCTV; access control and HVAC systems using practical examples. The session will provide guidance in standards BS 5839 and an overview of important considerations to take into account for facilities management and installation services when implementing access via IP for fire and security systems.
  • The challenge of fire suppression system ‘noise’ within a Data Centres. The Impact of Noise on Computer Hard Drives

    Seminar | Johnson Controls

    Understanding and overcoming issues which modern hard disk drives face in areas protected with gaseous fire suppression systems. Understanding and addressing the issues of noise from Gaseous Fire Suppression systems and the impact on computer hard drives stored in a data center

  • Fire Alarm Systems in a HealthCare Environment

    Training Course | Johnson Controls

    An explanation of general and healthcare specific (HTM) fire standards; including a review of the causes and solutions to false alarms.

  • An introduction to the changes in BS5839 standards and how to apply them

    Seminar | Johnson Controls

    This CPD will provide a detailed overview of the recent main changes in the BS5839 standards. There will be a specific focus on the impact on fire detection systems design and safety. The session will also provide in depth information on how to comply to changes with practical information on application of the standards when installing and designing a fire detection system.