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Hello, my name is Kazem Panjavi to those who do not know me. I’m an Olympian weightlifter, I have been to many competitions in my time and have won many titles and medals throughout my weightlifting career. I started out weightlifting when I was 17 years old. However before this I had taken part in many different other sports (from gymnastics to martial arts) and got to a very good level with them, but I then found my calling. I got very far in weightlifting, even after I had stopped competing I had formed my own weightlifting team and taken them to many different competitions and won many competitions.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • How to win Olympic weightlifting competitions

    Training Course | Kaz Olylifting

    Kaz Olylifting

    This weightlifting-based course will teach you the technical elements of the lifts and how to coach them. You will learn how a coach should best prepare their athlete/s for competition; what to do if they are over or underweight; how to train in the last 2 weeks prior to competition weight dependent; how to warm up and how to choose the right weight and interpret the scoreboard. This course will transform your ability to not only be able to prepare your athlete in the gym; but also for your athlete on the platform.

Kaz Olylifting
Stars For The Future Weightlifting Club
Perivale Athletics Track, Stockdove Way

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