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Organisation Description

Specialising in working with new and emerging leaders, Kenley College programmes helps new and emerging leaders with the practical and strategic elements of transitioning and settling into their new roles.
The two focus areas are national leadership and organisational leadership.
National leadership preparation includes both front line leadership or behind the scenes on government/national, multilateral and other international boards and committees.

Kenley College programmes help new and emerging leaders to develop the mindset, confidence and skills to serve at national or organisational levels.

The two CPD accredited programmes featured on this site generally include a combination of class-based immersion training which lasts for 4 weeks, followed by a 3-month real-world project that you develop and manage in your home country/city.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Strategic Leadership Development

    Training Course | Kenley College

    Kenley College

    The Strategic Leadership Development programme prepares and positions emerging leaders for sustainable leadership success. The programme helps participants to develop the leadership mindset and accompanying skills. Activate Your Leadership DNA: Discover the leadership identity; purpose; and potential trapped inside of you. Increase Your Management Capacity: Utilise time-tested principles for managing and safeguarding your vision, relationships and resources. Initiate Real Transformation: Learn and implement the skills for influencing transformation and development in and beyond your work.

  • Certificate in Government and Political Leadership

    Training Course | Kenley College

    Kenley College

    The Certificate in Government and Political Leadership programme focuses on the leadership aspect of government and politics. It prepares you to develop the necessary leadership skills for greater impact and influence in this arena. It is appropriate for individuals seeking to work at local and national levels. You’ll be equipped with the keys to (i) effective decision making in government and politics, (ii) mastering personal governance so that you can effectively lead in and govern a nation, and (iii) establishing your credibility for long-term influence and success.

  • Entrepreneurial Leadership

    Training Course | Kenley College

    Kenley College

    The Entrepreneurial Leadership course helps participants to establish and lead a business for sustainable success. The course allows you to: Get clear: Use the entrepreneurial insight you gain to know what you want to start and why; Get aligned: Develop the vision for your business; and align it with your purpose and passion; Get started: Lead your business in a way that’s authentic to you.

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