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Due to the Chatham House rule that is strictly enforced, senior executives are free to discuss new ideas and form regulations for the future, make announcements and share highly confidential information. By listening to key presentations by leading industry experts and taking advantage of full audience participation, attendees are given a head start in the emerging markets in this fast paced field whilst benefitting from exchanging knowledge with peers in a completely open forum. The concept of the electric single seater racing series was first muted at the symposium that has since become the extremely successful Formula E as was the Global Race Engine concept.
There are over two hours of networking time between the symposium sessions which also provides a perfect opportunity for exhibitors to showcase their latest technology and services. The Networking Awards Dinner follows at the end of the first day where our team meticulously plan the event and also the table plans to ensure that all guests experiences are optimised and that business connections are made. A networking opportunity like no other has also meant that this Symposium has gained a reputation as the ‘Davos of Motorsport Engineering and technology’.

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  • RACE TECH World Motorsport Symposium

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    In these revolutionary times in terms of transport, air quality and climate control, the automotive industry has never faced such challenges about its future. What role can engineers, technologists and the motorsport industry play in these revolutionary times? Over the years the World Motorsport Symposium has developed into a forum where the brightest minds in engineering and technology get together to discuss the future. Held under the Chatham House Rule, the discussions are frank and open where fierce rivals in a championship get together to talk about the future in a non-competitive environment. A decade ago, the very first discussions about running an all-electric singe-seater championship, which we now know as Formula E, took place at the event. The role that motorsport can and is playing in this brave new world has never been more relevant, but it needs clarity of mind and direction. Come and be part of the discussions that not only shape the future of motorsport but also the wider engineering community.

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