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King’s is dedicated to the advancement of knowledge learning & understanding in the service of society.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Postgraduate Course in Radiopharmacy 2015

    Training Course | King's College London

    A four-day lecture course covering basic and clinical aspects of radiopharmacy practice. The course progresses though the general areas of introduction and review, radiopharmaceutical chemistry, regulatory issues, and clinical radiopharmacy

  • General Practitioner Training: Medically Unexplained Symptoms (Persistent Physical Symptoms) and 10 Minute CBT

    Training Course | King's College London

    This training session will introduce GPs to practical techniques allowing them to use practical, brief CBT interventions in their consultations.

  • Management Education for the Professions - Strategy, Organisations and Change

    Training Course | King's College London

    This short course covers management topics such as strategy, financial planning and leadership for dentists.

  • Oral Language Practice Training

    Training Course | King's College London

    This course provides pedagogical knowledge and practice for oral training sessions through workshop and demonstrations.

  • PET Methodology

    Training Course | King's College London

    This course is designed to deliver extensive practical and hands-on training on experimental design and PET data analysis which, according to a recent survey, are in strong demand in the molecular imaging field.

  • Neuroanatomy for Imagers

    Training Course | King's College London

    This course has been designed for people working in imaging but with no neuroanatomical background. It will introduce participants to the basic principles of the anatomy, the function of the nervous system, the major anatomical constituents and parts of the brain

  • The Annual Maudsley Forum

    Workshop | King's College London

    The annual Maudsley Forum offers psychiatrists, psychologists and others interested in mental health, the opportunity to learn about the most current advances in clinical and academic psychiatry, and to meet and network with dynamic, like-minded colleagues from around the world. The programme emphasises how research informs evidence-based clinical practice and is designed to appeal to both junior clinicians and experienced consultants

  • Radiopharmaceutical Quality Control Techniques: Theory and Practice

    Workshop | King's College London

    To provide participants with theory and practical experience in routine quality control techniques used in radiopharmacy, primarily radiochemical purity testing

  • The Implementation Science Masterclass 2016

    Training Course | King's College London

    This is a two-day course for health professionals: researchers: patients and service users who want to make sure health services routinely offer treatment and care that is based on the most recent research evidence. This includes lectures from world-renowned experts in the field plus guidance to help participants work more effectively on their own implementation projects

  • Simultaneous PET-MR: Technology and Applications

    Training Course | King's College London

    This course will be suitable for professionals already within industry; academic; and healthcare sectors who want to enhance their knowledge; increase their skill set; and mix with other industrialists and academics.

  • eCognitive Behavioural Techniques for the Management of Dental Fear

    Online Course | King's College London

    Aimed at those working with phobic dental patients; this comprehensive course will provide health care professionals with an integrated approach to the management of patients with dental fear; with particular reference to the principles of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). The course will also provide practical guidance in how to successfully set-up dental services for the behavioural management of dental fear.

  • Spanish for Secondary School Teachers of Spanish

    Training Course | King's College London

    This is a course to enable teachers of Spanish to teach Spanish up to Level A2 (CEFR) covering all aspects of language tuition and all skills: Reading; Writing; Use of Language; Listening; Speaking and Cultural Awareness.

  • Refreshing Your Teaching Skills Course

    Training Course | King's College London

    The course is aimed at “refreshing” the teaching skills of already qualified teachers employed by the Modern Language Centre and is offering them a platform for discussion and for exchanging experiences and ideas. The course is taught in English to teachers of different languages and is mainly based on the Communicative and Task-Based Approach. It is taught by qualified language teachers and Team Leaders and by the Programme Director. It consists of 10 sessions of 2 hours each; for a total of 20 hours and requires the submission of a non-assessed project.

  • Mental Health Skills for Non-Mental Health Professionals

    Training Course | King's College London

    This 5-day course equips non-mental health clinicians with skills in the assessment and treatment of common mental health problems seen in people presenting to general hospital. Each taught day has a different clinical theme covering: the confused/agitated patient; the depressed/anxious patient; the patient with medically unexplained symptoms; the substance misusing patient; and managing conflict. Students develop their skills in patient assessment using clinical interview and assessment tools; appraise research findings in a journal club; and contribute to discussions about challenging cases; in a supportive environment. Students can also participate in web-based activities and use e-learning resources to enhance their knowledge.

  • Clinical Skills Workshop on Maudsley Model of Anorexia Nervosa Treatment for Adults (MANTRA)

    Workshop | King's College London

    This workshop will teach participants key elements and techniques of MANTRA for different stages of treatment and how to sequence and integrate these in the treatment of adults with AN.

  • Maudsley Model of Anorexia Nervosa Treatment for Adults (MANTRA) Supervisor Workshop

    Training Course | King's College London

    This is a two-day interactive; experiential; intermediate level workshop. This course is designed for experienced therapists or psychotherapy supervisors who wish to implement/establish MANTRA (the Maudsley Model of Anorexia Treatment in Adults) in their team. MANTRA is a novel and highly effective therapy tailored to the specific needs and characteristics of people with AN.