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KRTS Power to Recover workplace trauma solutions help any organisation, large or small, to strategically prepare for and respond to workplace trauma. Many organisations feel out of their depth when it comes to managing psychological trauma. It is a highly specialised area but this doesn’t mean that people should feel confused about what to do or why they should take an action. Our guiding principle is to demystify, simplify and appropriately educate, developing a collaborative partnership with our customers and assisting them in crucial policy making decisions.

As industry experts, our in-depth knowledge and understanding of psychological trauma combined with our pragmatic, practical approach, means we are able to create and provide cost effective solutions to meet the human, legal and practical implications of workplace trauma.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Understanding and Preparing for Psychological Critical Incidents

    Training Course | KRTS International

    KRTS International

    This course is for employees who may; as part of their duties; encounter an incident resulting in emotional or physical distress; psychological impairment or disturbance in usual functioning. It educates participants on the human survival response during and after such incidents and empowers them to proactively manage their own mental health and recovery. They are taught strategies that are effective in building resilience and managing the initial impact of an incident; and where and when professional help should be accessed. Research consistently shows that psycho-education and early intervention are crucial in facilitating a successful recovery.

  • Managing Psychological Critical Incidents in Work

    Training Course | KRTS International

    KRTS International

    This course educates participants on the human survival response during and after a potentially traumatic event in the workplace and teaches a simple 3 step psychological first aid model that will form the basis of an immediate; helpful; peer support intervention. The mistakes that are commonly made by helpers are identified and the course will detail how they can manage obstacles and challenges to the support process. The course includes a skills-based element with an opportunity to apply the learning in practice sessions. It also covers attendance management and how the employee can be supported back into the workplace.

  • The Art of Losing Weight

    Online Course | KRTS International

    KRTS International

    Have you been on many; many different “diets” and lost the same half a stone several times over? Created by Counselling Psychologist (and ex-yoyo dieter) Cath Kerr and Dr Liz Royle; this online course is about the inner psychological battle that prevents you from achieving and maintaining what you want. The course offers the seven key steps that will help you to stop feeling frustrated and helpless and will give you the tools to have a focused and empowered mind-set. This in turn will enable you to take action towards optimum vitality and having the best body for you.

  • Trauma in the workplace: Resilience and recovery

    Online Course | KRTS International

    KRTS International

    This course is for people who may encounter a potentially traumatic (or critical) incident at work. You will learn about the psychological and physiological response to workplace trauma (whether from a single event or cumulative; chronic trauma) and about post trauma reactions. You will learn a range of self-help strategies that are effective in managing the majority of post-traumatic stress reactions and in building resilience in chronic situations. This psychoeducation will help you recognise reactions in yourself and others and be empowered in managing these. You will learn about recovery from workplace trauma and when professional support is appropriate.

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