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I’ve been a cog in the wheel for large organisations and I’ve started a number of small businesses. I’ve coached people in martial arts, kettlebells, nutrition and both professional and personal development.
I crammed a lot of eXperience into my first 45 years. More important than what I’ve done, is what I’ve learned. I have worked with some inspiring people and others that crushed the soul. I’ve been part of teams that achieved incredible things and others that simply didn’t work. I’ve had stand-out professional success and dispiriting failures. The thread that has run through all my experience is developing people. What drives me is seeing people achieve their potential.
Through my training and coaching programmes I can help your organisation, its people and its teams, to be effective, impactful, and to achieve results. On a personal and professional level I can help you to identify what you really want, and then put a plan in place to achieve it. I take a practical approach and combine my business and project management experience with personal development coaching techniques to achieve results. I’m finally doing what I was meant to do. I see the first 30 years as my extended apprenticeship.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Productive People

    Training Course | Lasting Impact

    Lasting Impact

    Productivity is about achieving our goals. Productivity doesn’t mean squeezing every last drop of effort from ourselves. It means being effective; happy; delivering our best and achieving the things that satisfy us. If we can operate in this way then we will naturally be productive. To achieve this however; we need both personal insights and effective tools and techniques. We must understand why we procrastinate and what causes us to be overwhelmed. We then need a robust; effective and adaptable system; supported by a range of tools and techniques; to ensure our effectiveness. This programme delivers this powerful blend of personal development insights and practical tools.

  • Effective Teams

    Training Course | Lasting Impact

    Lasting Impact

    You never forget being part of an exceptional team; and we believe all teams have the capacity to be outstanding. We work on the individual level first; so people can understand how their behaviours; motivators and emotional intelligence impacts on others; then turn to the team level and identify the team ‘why?’. This is followed by examination of the team life cycle; communication; change and conflict; all critical for team success. Finally; we introduce a project framework to shape team activity and finish with our Effective Teams Assessment Matrix; so we can identify which team aspects we need to strengthen

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