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Organisation Description

We are a membership organisation, providing information, research and other services to over 150 councils, trade unions, universities and other organisations. From housing to social care; from education to local economic growth; from supporting councillors and promoting local democracy to delivering inhouse training – the scope of the LGiU’s work is as broad as the remit of a local authority.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Managing People Through The Challenge Of Change

    Seminar | LGiU

    Organisational change and shifts in organisational culture present challenges not only in maintaining morale and motivation but also ensuring the well-being of your teams and yourself. The way in which change is handled and specifically the communication around it is notoriously bad. The impact; although hard to measure; can be significant both in terms of the performance of the organisation and the physical and mental well-being of people. This workshop helps to develop an understanding of what goes in during organisational change; the impact and the practical steps you can take to move forward positively. It touches on many aspects of management behaviour and is a challenging opportunity to build your knowledge and become more self-aware of the impact you have. In addition; it is a chance to consider your own well-being and how you can enhance it.

  • Practical Project Management

    Seminar | LGiU

    Projects tend to mean change and change tends to mean projects and in the environment of constant change that is Local Government; an ability to manage and participate effectively in projects has become a major staff development issue. For major projects certificated approaches and methodologies are important. However; there is also a need to equip people on the fundamental principles in a way that can be scaled-up for use on any size of project. This workshop will give participants a thorough understanding of good project management process in an easily accessible and practical way. This will equip you to be effective members of project teams; serve as a useful refresher for established Project Managers and provide a foundation for new Project Managers. It is based on the principal of 8 key steps or documents!

  • Understanding Strategic Thinking

    Seminar | LGiU

    The workshop is ideal for managers or specialists who have a strategic role or who are looking to develop a better understanding and skills in the area of longer team planning and strategy. Essentially this is about effective change management and creating a coherent vision of the future at team; function and organisational level. Strategy or being ‘strategic’ can by its very nature seem quite a vague concept in organisations although a term that is frequently used. The training is designed to cut through that mist and provide a clear understanding and the tools to think strategically but also to influence and implement strategy. The workshop will particularly focus on the challenges of creative strategic thinking in a politically led and fast changing organisation. This is about thinking strategically rather than strategic planning!

  • Developing Commercial Awareness

    Seminar | LGiU

    This workshop is an interactive opportunity to develop your awareness and understanding; share experiences and opportunities and stimulate ideas and possibilities. Although touching on commercial ‘options’ the workshop is more about creating a shared understanding to go beyond the rhetoric and build a culture that supports this aspect of organisational change.

  • Developing Political Awareness & Sensitivity

    Seminar | LGiU

    This workshop explores what local govt. officers know and don’t know and how to develop the relationship skills to build effective relationships with councillors.

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