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Organisation Description

We provide specialist NHS VAT, Financial Management and Workforce Management services that have won us the trust of over 300 NHS clients. More than two-thirds of NHS organisations are now working with us, each seeing serious cost savings as a result.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Income Vat Training

    Webinar | LIAISON

    This training presentation focuses on the vat liability on income streams in the NHS

  • NHS Vat From Scratch

    Webinar | LIAISON

    An hour long webinar providing guidance on the management of NHS vat.

  • NHS Vat Training

    Webinar | LIAISON

    This training webinar explains how to review vat recovery on capital schemes in the NHS.

  • Best Use of Charitable Funds

    Webinar | LIAISON

    This webinar offers a definition of charitable funds and how they can be used to achieve VAT savings when purchasing qualifying items that will be used for qualifying purposes when the customer issues an eligibility certificate.

  • Conflict Resolution Management

    Training Course | LIAISON

    This workshop is aimed at how to provide non-physical intervention techniques on managing and de-escalating conflict with the potential of what could be violent incidents within the workplace. Focused on effective communication methods and technique skills with an understanding of the Attitude and Behavioural Cycle when dealing with conflict face to face.

  • Effective Negotiations for Workforce Management

    Training Course | LIAISON

    This workshop aims to encourage the use of negotiation skills when discussing both rates and direct engagement with agency suppliers. The course will cover process compliance and look at ways to overcome common objections within the NHS locum booking process.

  • Introduction to Direct Engagement for Workforce Management

    Training Course | LIAISON

    This workshop is aimed to outline the process for Direct Engagement and highlight the benefits to the trust and other parties of using the Liaison system for processing these payments.

  • Maximising Savings for Workforce Management

    Training Course | LIAISON

    This workshop is aimed to provide guidance on the Liaison WFM products and how these can be implemented and utilised to maximise financial savings within their organisation.

  • Excel Intermediate

    Workshop | LIAISON

    This workshop is aimed entirely at how to use Excel – formulae; functions and shortcuts in employees’ daily work. This workshop covers simple Excel functions that are rarely utilised to their full capacity; the most useful formulae in speeding up essential day to day tasks and shortcuts to increase productivity. The day ends with the opportunity to go through any additional ad-hoc requests specific to the attendees’ requirements.

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