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London Management Centre is one of the UK’s leading providers of Leadership & Management training, delivering a range of courses to improve the knowledge and skills of business professionals. LMC are committed to providing the highest quality training to all our customers and aspire to being the ‘provider of choice’. We believe in a practical and interactive approach to training which exposes our delegates to fresh approaches and learning techniques, which will deliver huge benefits to individuals and their organisations.

We would like to take this opportunity to connect and open a dialogue with you and your organisation to see how LMC can support your staff learning and development needs. A full schedule of courses are delivered from our state-of-the-art training centre in London and we deliver regularly in Dubai, as well as a number of other global locations such as:
Kuwait City
Kuala Lumpur

We also have vast experience of designing and delivering customised in-house solutions, enabling your organisation to get the more from your training budget.
We look forward to receiving you feedback and discussing how LMC can help your organisation to unlock more potential.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Effective Budgeting & Operational Cost Control For Managers

    Training Course | London Management Centre (LMC)

    In today's volatile business environment companies need to enhance their budgeting process to meet the high demands placed on management. This course will deliver the understanding of the significance of budgeting and its proactive use within the organisation. Delegates will have an opportunity to explore ways in which operational cost control combined with budgeting will enhance the overall performance of themselves and their organisations.

  • Developing Executive Leadership Skills

    Training Course | London Management Centre (LMC)

    This course provides training in key skills and knowledge for leaders to steer an organisation through all circumstances.

  • Breakthrough Leadership

    Training Course | London Management Centre (LMC)

    This course covers proven strategic leadership and management methodologies that result in breakthrough performance. It will cover theoretical and practical applications on ways to encourage better workforce performance.

  • Talent Management and Succession Planning (LT7)

    Training Course | London Management Centre (LMC)

    This course covers this critical success factor within an organisation and covers understanding organisational goals and strategies; defining and sharing a vision and tools to enhance executive development.

  • Performance Measurement Tool and Techniques (PM10)

    Training Course | London Management Centre (LMC)

    This course familiarises participants with the frameworks surrounding performance management and provides the tools and skills necessary for assessing and guiding staff contribution.

  • Business Process & Project Management

    Training Course | London Management Centre (LMC)

    This course is designed to equip the participants with the tools and knowledge to evaluate and change process to enhance their organisational performance through successful project management.

  • Effective Management for Supervisors and Team Leaders

    Training Course | London Management Centre (LMC)

    This course identifies the various methods; skills and techniques need for effective supervising.

  • Successful Project Management: Tools & Techniques

    Training Course | London Management Centre (LMC)

    This course is designed to equip the participants with all the tools and knowledge necessary to become successful project managers.

  • Business Strategy Construction (SM4)

    Training Course | London Management Centre (LMC)

    This course provides and understanding of strategic issues and their importance for the survival and growth of an organisation. It emphasises the importance of matching the companies strategic advantages to the business environment.

  • Planning the Training and Career Development (TD10)

    Training Course | London Management Centre (LMC)

    This interactive and stimulating course is designed for training professionals and provides tools for managing and influencing HR development policies.

  • Bid and Tendering Management Leading to Contract - TC19

    Training Course | London Management Centre (LMC)

    This course explores ways to conduct the procurement and sales business process to an organisation’s advantage. It prepares delegates to manage the bidding; drafting and negotiation of contracts when gaining business from clients or when setting the terms with suppliers. The course also provides delegates with a clear understanding of best practice; which will enable businesses to minimise the risks of inefficient and poor commercial relationships.

  • Building and Managing High Performance Teams - BP23

    Training Course | London Management Centre (LMC)

    It is recognised that people are the most important asset in an organisation. To utilise those assets most effectively is to orchestrate the individuals into a collective; high performance team. This course is designed to provide managers with the techniques necessary to motivate and energise individuals within their teams. Delegates will learn practical ways to lead people in order to achieve improved performance and outstanding results.

  • Effective Communication and Assertiveness (C26)

    Training Course | London Management Centre (LMC)

    The ability to communicate effectively is critical in achieving sustained performance and business excellence. As such; business professionals must have the understanding and confidence to communicate with clients; customers; suppliers and other business associates. Challenging one-to-one and group activities will help delegates to enhance their communication skills and assertiveness.

  • Effective Marketing Communication - MC22

    Training Course | London Management Centre (LMC)

    All organisations; large or small; public; private or governmental need to communicate with a range of stakeholders. This course will provide participants with knowledge and tools to develop an effective marketing communication strategy. It will also examine issues related to ethics; corporate social responsibility and industry controls that limit modern marketing communication.

  • Evaluating Risk Decision Making and Change (M28)

    Training Course | London Management Centre (LMC)

    The speed and continuity of change within modern organisations has increased the demand for managers and leaders to be readily equipped with the most up-to-date tools and techniques. This intensive course introduces participants to the latest review of the modern management skills required to cope with the challenges of a competitive marketplace and to boost personal and organisational performance.

  • Interpersonal Effectiveness and Collaborative Employee Relationships - IR7

    Training Course | London Management Centre (LMC)

    The significance of good and effective interpersonal skills in the workplace must not be underestimated. The ability to build rapport and confidence in others; handle challenging situations and present ideas with precision and clarity is invaluable to succeed and achieve winning results. This essential programme will provide delegates with the opportunity to review and expand the core interpersonal skills to become more confident and effective when dealing with both employees and clients. This programme will provide delegates with the opportunity to review and expand the core interpersonal skills to become effective when dealing with people.

  • Organisational Skills for Supervisors (SC36)

    Training Course | London Management Centre (LMC)

    Supervisors and Team Leaders are the key players in a team’s ability to deliver successfully and positively. They also provide a vital link in delivering the organisation’s strategy; standards and expectations. This course will focus on the essential skills and qualities for effective management and leadership; building successful teams and achieving personal; departmental and company goals.

  • Strategic Financial Management - F42

    Training Course | London Management Centre (LMC)

    This course will enable delegates to understand and apply appropriate strategic financial management tools; evaluate financial management options and assess and evaluate proposed strategies in the context of management needs and organisational policies. This programme will cover the principles; techniques and skills involved in effective strategic financial management; delegates will receive an understanding of the impact of financial management on corporate risk and how to contribute more effectively to corporate strategy by taking a more proactive and forward looking approach.

  • Essential Planning Organisation and Delegation (M15)

    Training Course | London Management Centre (LMC)

    The responsibilities of a manager continue to change with the evolving organisation. To create powerful impact; successful managers need to create and deliver value whilst improving organisational performance. This impactful course challenges delegates to develop a greater awareness of their role and accountability and to build new approaches to achieving organisational goals. By incorporating the required skills and techniques; delegates will become increasingly more confident in their decision making; learn to optimise quality and performance; and inspire others towards sustained success.

  • Workforce Planning and Control Strategy (HR16)

    Training Course | London Management Centre (LMC)

    This course is designed to provide participants with an understanding of the human resources management framework. It will also offer an insight into how to best develop strategies and create initiatives that introduce and sustain competitive HR advantage in organisations. Focusing on management best practices; participants will familiarise themselves with tools and models used to implement an effective HRM system.

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