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Organisation Description

Lysis Financial delivers innovative business change management consultancy to the financial services market. We provide expert strategy, change management and project execution services to senior compliance, operations and IT management across their core areas of expertise. Our clients include investment banks, financial institutions and insurance companies.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Fundamental Principles of KYC

    Training Course | Lysis Financial

    Lysis Financial

    A full day’s course on the fundamental principles of KYC. This course aims to cover the context of KYC; domestic and foreign regulatory frameworks; Anti Money Laundering; Terrorist Financing and how we manage the risks associated with the latter through Customer Due Diligence.

  • High Risk and Enhanced Due Diligence

    Training Course | Lysis Financial

    Lysis Financial

    A two day’s course in understanding and identifying the appropriate level of Customer Due Diligence that needs to be conducted. This course will also cover Higher Risk Circumstances; Risk Ranking and ‘Red Flags’ that must be considered when performing a Risk Assessment.

  • Theory of Legal Entities

    Training Course | Lysis Financial

    Lysis Financial

    A full day’s course in understanding the structure and nature of Legal Entities. This course will equip individuals with the necessary understanding of 16 different legal entities. The course will provide in depth knowledge into how various entities operate and the KYC checks that must be applied accordingly.

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