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Macrobiotic academy provide macrobiotic service which is a whole food approach for healthy living and free will. At Macrobiotic Academy, we provide educational health services that allow everyone to experience and examine his knowledge and learning the macrobiotic principles bringing it into daily life. Macrobiotic Academy-USA is very aware of the challenge of consonant change and we respond to the wishes of our clients by offering integrated service based on relevance to modern syllabus.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Hijama Therapy Online Training Diploma

    Online Course | Macrobiotic Academy USA

    Macrobiotic Academy USA

    Hijama or Wet cupping is an alternative medicine that has no side effects if it is done professionally. It is a small procedure that aims to remove of all toxins and excess fluids from the body returning it into its normal balance state; strengthening the immune system; boosting energy; cleaning the lymphatic system and successfully treating many conditions like Headache; Major pains and aches; Diabetes; Fibromyalgia; High/low blood pressure; Cholesterol; Fertility; Gout; Constipation; Thyroid; Stress and Depression; Skin problems …and much more.

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