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Organisation Description

Mammoth has a clear vision: to improve health and wellbeing through comfort, recovery and relaxation.

We bring cutting edge health products to the mattress and seating markets using advanced technologies and proven materials derived from British healthcare.

Our products are scientifically tested under laboratory conditions, informed by industry experts and endorsed by world leading organisations. And we’ve won awards for our innovations in the field of pressure relief and postural support. We work in partnership with the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy and world-renowned sleep experts to make sure that we care for both your body and your mind.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Can Modern Lifestyles be Sustained

    Literature | Mammoth Sport

    Neuroscientists are beginning to develop a clearer understanding of the multiple regenerative processes that are occurring inside our brains during the night; which when compromised; are being considered as a major root cause behind many serious long-term health conditions.

  • Sleep and Athletic Performance

    Literature | Mammoth Sport

    In recent posts; Mammoth have been writing about how important it is to take our sleep more seriously and have highlighted reasons for this based mainly around everyday health. One population who is starting to take sleep much more seriously is that of high performance and professionals athletes. This self-study will help you to learn more about the effects of fatigue and the impact that modern lifestyle has on our overall well-being.

  • Sleeping Like a Baby

    Literature | Mammoth Sport

    Mammoth’s Chief Scientific Office; Dr Jonathan Bloomfield; talks first-hand about his struggle with severe sleep deprivation; having become a father for the first time earlier this year. He shares some insights of his experience of new-born induced fatigue in the first 3 months and provides suggestions on how to tackle the extreme tiredness from the expected 1000 hours of sleep loss expected in the first year.

  • Circadian Misalignment

    Literature | Mammoth Sport

    When focusing on sleep; we often think about how much; and maybe a second consideration about what quality. However; there is also a third very important component that is often neglected or forgotten – when to sleep.

  • Sleep Productivity and the Future of the Economy

    Literature | Mammoth Sport

    The World has developed into a 24/7 culture of chronic stress and minimized recovery; and although in many ways our technologies have helped to enhance productivity; the world of work has developed into an “always on” culture; with crushing email volume being one of the major stressors reported by staff; particularly as they feel an importance to continually keep on top of their inbox in the evenings; at weekends and on holidays. It’s estimated that the average user now interacts with their smartphone 76 times per day. As a result; a mounting lack of sleep is impacting our job performance; daily interactions and overall quality of life and employers subsequently receive much lower productivity and engagement because of fatigued and deflated workers.