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Organisation Description

We work with hospitals and other healthcare organisations to improve performance in a host of quality and operational areas. Our knowledge of hospitals, analytical capability and rigorous implementation methodology means we are ideally placed to help deliver change. Our understanding of hospitals combined with our analytical capability means we can help plan service developments while making the most of available resources.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Waiting List Analysis

    Training Course | MedModus


    In this course; you will learn how to comprehensively analyse and help improve waiting list performance in your hospital. At the core of this course is the development of a Waiting List Tracker. This is a tool that will allow you to quickly and easily assess waiting list performance across an entire hospital or hospital group.

  • Operating Room Analysis

    Online Course | MedModus


    In this online course you will learn the practical analytical techniques needed to assess operating room performance using data. You will learn how to build a data model that will allow you to quickly and easily evaluate several aspects of operating room performance such as throughput; utilisation; late starts and costs. You will also learn how to visualise this data so you can effectively communicate your findings. This data-driven approach can be applied to help measure and improve performance in your hospital.

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