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Medstrom’s clinical team have a wealth of experience in the area of pressure area care and we have developed a range of education opportunities and programmes designed to help raise our customer’s knowledge, understanding and skills.

As an independent product provider we are uniquely placed to offer unbiased education around all product technologies, and we offer this as a complimentary service to our customers.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • NHS Improvement definition of a pressure ulcer

    Seminar | Medstrom Healthcare

    Medstrom Healthcare

    Overview of the functions of skin; anatomy and physiology of skin; causes of damage to skin; time frame for skin breakdown; tensile strength of skin after damage; NHS Improvement definition of a pressure Ulcer; what should be recorded; what shouldn’t be recorded; categories of pressure ulcer; what costs pressure ulcers by category; what a support surface is; which surfaces are available to Trust staff – (use Trust internal protocol).

  • Consequences of Immobility

    Training Course | Medstrom Healthcare

    Medstrom Healthcare

    Brief History of rest/bed rest/immobility. How immobility effects each body system – cardiovascular; respiratory; haematological; gastrointestinal; renal; musculoskeletal. Overview of research into immobility. What can be done?

  • Science of Surfaces

    Training Course | Medstrom Healthcare

    Medstrom Healthcare

    What causes skin damage? Measurement of pressure. What is a support surface? Different therapies – continuous low pressure; alternating pressure; hybrid; low air loss; air fluidised and fluid immersion simulation. Clinical evidence. What do we need to consider when choosing a therapeutic support surface?

  • Mitigating bed related injuries

    Training Course | Medstrom Healthcare

    Medstrom Healthcare

    How do aspects of bed use affect the patient and caregiver? What affect does the bed have for delivery of care and patient outcomes? This course looks at heel travel; patient mobilisation; nursing intervention height; falls risk; push-pull forces; side rail protection and equipment standardisation.

  • How does body morphology affect patient care?

    Training Course | Medstrom Healthcare

    Medstrom Healthcare

    UK prevalence of obesity; affect on NHS and patient population; concept of “warmth” in evidence and how weight stigma can affect patient/caregiver relationship; being plus sized and the effects on the pulmonary; cardiovascular; gastrointestinal; endocrine; muscular skeletal; integumentary systems; practical session using a weighted vest; empathy suit to mobilise and dress; summary and feedback.

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