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We are a mental health training company that have been working with other service providers, creating and delivering mental health and wellbeing programmes. MHA UK believe, along with many others in society that a culture change surrounding mental health is necessary now.

This essential change can be achieved by delivering impactful and informative e-learning programmes that help support mental wellbeing, improve relationships and can create a safer, happier working and personal environment.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Mental Health Aware

    Online Course | Mental Health Aware UK

    Mental Health Aware UK

    An exceptionally informative course created using animation white-boarding and motion graphics to help raise everyone’s awareness of mental health. This course is clever and engaging covering the key issues; “what is mental health;” “reasons that discourage some people from seeking the appropriate help and support;” how to better support ourselves and others” to “developing an awareness of cultural diversity and mental health issues”.

  • Mental Health Awareness Level 1

    Online Course | Mental Health Aware UK

    Mental Health Aware UK

    This course uses animation; white-boarding and motion graphics to help raise your awareness of mental health. You will gain a clear understanding of what is mental health and mental ill health and contributing factors. You will develop an awareness of cultural diversity within mental health issues and explore common perceptions of mental health difficulties; and how stereotyping affects and shape people’s beliefs. You will also develop your knowledge of the rights of those with mental health difficulties and the relevant support available.

  • Self Awareness Training

    Online Course | Mental Health Aware UK

    Mental Health Aware UK

    The Self Awareness Foundation Course is for everyone who wants to have happier and healthier relationships – both personally and professionally; Through simple reflective practices you will: become more mindful; be able to better deal with stressful situations and conflict situations; and enjoy a better relationship with yourself and others;

  • Mindfulness Programme

    Workshop | Mental Health Aware UK

    Mental Health Aware UK

    This in-house Mindfulness Training programme has been carefully designed by specialists to promote well-being; and reduce the impact of life’s challenges by self-resourcing people with the tools to make life easier on the ‘inside’; We often can’t prevent difficult situations from arising; but we can change the way we think; feel and react to them; The stress a customer service operative feels dealing with complaints is much the same as the stress felt by a Managing Director who’s short-staffed and up against a client deadline; Stress is stress no matter who you are or what you do; It can be extremely divisive yet it connects us all; The programme is jam-packed with some of the tools and practices you might expect; as well as cutting-edge approaches that have the power to transform workplaces;

Mental Health Aware UK
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