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Organisation Description

MAS Optimisation are an international leader in business transformation consultancy services utilising our unique lean offering, delivering true, recognisable value to our clients.
We do this through unique offers, strategic partnerships and a solid financial platform. Our collaborations are exclusively with individuals and companies who operate at the pinnacle of their sector.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Lean Awareness

    Training Course | Mettle Training

    Mettle Training

    Understanding of lean principles; methodology; tools and techniques for business optimisation. Manufacturing; production and operations evaluation for maintenance planning. Competency to use continuous improvement techniques in the workplace.

  • Quality Focus - Auditing

    Training Course | Mettle Training

    Mettle Training

    Quality Auditing covering auditing process for accreditation purpose or process adherence within an organisation. Detailing the process steps and discipline to carry out both internal and external auditing.

  • Practical Problem Solving

    Training Course | Mettle Training

    Mettle Training

    Using the 8 Step Process to problem resolution understanding methodology and techniques to reach robust root cause analysis and countermeasure. Using all quality tools and problem solving approach to identify contributing factors and root cause; capturing findings in a logical document for presentation and tracking.

Mettle Training
Suite 9 Newspaper House, Tannery Lane, Penketh

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