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Organisation Description

Established by Ashley Bookman, Momentum works with clients to significantly improve their performance, health and profitability. We have consistently seen how an organisation’s culture can be a major inhibitor in the company’s ability to deliver on its business ambitions. Momentum shows companies how to move beyond changing the structures, processes and systems to deliver a step change in the collective attitudes and behaviour of the people that operate within the organisation.

Our approach has been developed through 25 years + of practical research and an ever deepening understanding into what degree employee psychology plays out in the organisational setting; including game changing insights on how individual and organisational paradigms drive sub-optimal behaviour, and limit the organisation’s ability to evolve and stay competitive.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Task Orientated® Negotiation

    Training Course | Momentum Incorporated

    Momentum Incorporated

    The Momentum Negotiation course trains people to use a Task Orientated® approach to negotiation. For most people this requires development of a fundamentally different negotiating style. Typically most people experience negotiation as an adversarial process in which two or more parties try to find ways to persuade or manipulate others round to their position. Rather than providing a range of conceptual models; Task Orientation® provides a deep understanding of what causes business conversations; projects and tasks to work well or to fail. It encourages development of grounded; systemic thinking leading to intelligent and sustainable business decisions and a clear action plan.

  • Task Orientated® Feedback (TOF)

    Training Course | Momentum Incorporated

    Momentum Incorporated

    The Task Orientated Feedback course shows that feedback is a key component to optimising performance at work. The two days introduce a useful mind-set which applies when both giving and receiving feedback and shows how to make the best possible contribution to an open; performance focused organisational culture.

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