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We have focused websites for each of our areas of work as follows:
Wide & High Capability Movement Joints:
Resin Flooring:
Bund Lining & Secondary Containment Lining:
Concrete Repair & Protection:
Paving Jointing, Cleaning & Sealing:
Structural Waterproofing:
Our Head Office is in Chorley and we have regional Depots in Scotland and Newcastle, by involving NCC in your projects at any stage we can help to save you time and money in all of these specialist and technical material areas, with support and assistance provided right through from the Design office, through any training requirements, to successful installation and completion on site.
Visit our websites or call us to discuss your specialist materials requirements.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Movement Joints in Buildings & Civil Engineering Structures - Solutions

    Training Course | NCC Group of Companies

    NCC Group of Companies

    Designing and detailing movement joints correctly is vital as problems arising from joints create a hugely disproportionate amount of building repair and refurbishment costs. This CPD will outline the different types of movement joints and the requirements on them; which is not just to accommodate movement but also to meet many other demands such as watertightness and fire resistance etc. according to their location and function. We will highlight these different requirements and alternative solutions; especially for wider joints and joints with high movement requirements that historically have been the most difficult and expensive to accommodate. This applies to both new construction and refurbishment situations.

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