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Organisation Description

Nedap Security Management has based its security management platform AEOS on versatile software. AEOS combines processes like access control intrusion detection and video on one security controller.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • The Precarious Relationship Between Usability and Security

    Seminar | Nedap

    This seminar looks at the relationship and conflict between security systems and their usability. Participants will learn how to increase usability and how to balance this with the security levels needed.

  • Innovating Security

    Seminar | Nedap

    This paper describes some trends on how technology in the physical security industry has developed in recent years; and what direction further innovation could/should take in the near future. Alternative technology concepts for integration of disparate systems that cover the different security disciplines are introduced; including their intrinsic advantages and disadvantages. The paper concludes with recommending innovation in technology to focus on developing the necessary pre-requisite or missing link that allows the preferred alternative to become reality.

  • Managing Security And Adding Value

    Seminar | Nedap

    This paper describes how security management is embedded in; and perceived by; most organisations. Although security management is dealing with a vital task of securing the organisations people and assets against security risks; it is not regarded as a mission critical area. Why is this the case and why does it not receive the (board level) attention that it needs? The second part of this paper tries to explain the potential role of security management within organisations; and also aims to provide security professionals with some ideas and suggestions to successfully implement a security policy with matching security systems that adds more value to the business.

  • Selecting Identification Technology

    Seminar | Nedap

    In physical access control systems; reliable identification of people is crucial. This paper describes common ways in which people can be recognised by access control systems using ID cards and biometric identification. A list of possible selection criteria is reviewed to assist security professionals in selecting the identification technology that is right for an end user?s organisation.

  • Every Entrance Requires Its Own Optimal Access Control Solution

    Seminar | Nedap

    Seminar discusses the selection process of access control solutions that best fit individual entrance requirements. With the introduction of wireless online or offline locks; this process is getting more and more complex. It discusses the benefits; advantages and factors to consider when selecting a suitable access control solution for the level of security required by different zones.

  • Securing Security Platforms

    Seminar | Nedap

    This seminar explores the risks of potential attack on advanced; networked physical security systems. It examines the current generation of potential system attackers and how to mitigate the risk of attack through effective system design.

  • Securing the Security System

    Seminar | Nedap

    This Lunch and Learn session discusses security best practices to protect against three known threats to security systems. It considers the influence of people; procedures and technology on the security of organisations and their systems.

  • How to design flexibility and efficiency into security specifications

    Seminar | Nedap

    Could changing the way you define specifications for physical security systems improve customer satisfaction? This Lunch and Learn session looks at how specifications can influence both the cost and performance of a security system by specifying flexibility and efficiency. It provides an inside view on the receiving end of specifications; plus recommendations for improving them.

  • Escape Routes; safe and secure

    Seminar | Nedap

    This Lunch & Learn session looks at the relationship; and conflict; between escape standards and security. You will learn about some of the challenges in maintaining safety and security within a building design and the conflicting requirements of keeping a building secure. You will learn about the various the various legal standards and how they can be applied to ensure that the security of the building can be maintained without compromising safe escape.

  • Zoning and the design of a security system

    Seminar | Nedap

    How to translate a floor plan; specific customer requirements and a risk analysis into a good security system design? Besides making a building secure and meeting the customer’s specific requirements; a security system must also stay within budget and be easy to use. At this Lunch & Learn session we will go into the 4-step zoning model for effective security system design. These 4 steps can be used in any project.