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Organisation Description

We are proud to have developed long term relationships with some big brands, early stage start-ups, fast growing tech companies and government bodies. We are specialists in communication skills training. We offer leadership, management, communication, presentation skills and pitch training programmes.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Influencing Skills

    Training Course | Olystix


    Influencing Skills is a very practical and interactive 1-day programme for anyone who wants to develop their influencing skills with stakeholders at all levels – direct reports; peers; bosses; clients as well as vendors. Often; influencing people over whom you have no direct authority. After having attended this training; you will go back to the workplace with a toolbox and a set of new skills ready to be used to influence up; down; across and outside: Building your credibility – Dealing with different people – Working through objections – Influencing up – Building a solid case.

  • Core Management Skills

    Training Course | Olystix


    Core Management Skills is a very practical and interactive 1-day programme that has been designed to allow you to go back to the workplace with a toolbox of new skills and techniques to manage yourself and others more effectively. The course covers all the key fundamentals of the managerial role including the essential skills of: knowing how to prioritise; delegating effectively; managing performance; giving clear direction; giving feedback; taking a coaching approach and motivating your people to excel.

  • Leadership Skills for Managers

    Training Course | Olystix


    This course focuses on the three core competencies associated with the concept of leadership: being self-aware and magnetic; being visionary; being collaborative. Reflective and interactive; it takes into account that although managers consistently face the same challenges; each individual has their own unique situation and background that influence the leadership issues they face. The emphasis is on providing fresh insights; broadening perspective; reflecting; discussing & sharing ideas between peers; experiencing new ways of doing and identifying ways to deliver results immediately. It consists of 1 online self-assessment; group training workshops and 2 hours of individual coaching. Participants are limited to 6.

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