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Organisation Description

ORIS Media was formed in 2013 as a publications, education and events company, serving the European retail loss prevention industry. ORIS Media has published Loss Prevention Magazine Europe since December 2013. There are a number of generic retail, and numerous security technology publications in Europe, but Loss Prevention Magazine EU is the only publication that focuses purely on retail loss prevention. LP Magazine EU only publishes articles that are retailer, law enforcement or academic led, and the direction and content of the magazine is steered by an Advisory Board made up of senior LP representatives from retailers and vendors in the LP industry. This ensures that the content is kept relevant and interesting to its readership. The magazine focuses on Total Loss, covering subjects ranging from loss associated with shoplifting and fraud through to fraudulent claims for slips, trips and falls, and losses associated with brand protection issues.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Wicklander-Zulawski (WZ) Europe Non-Confrontational Interview Techniques Courses

    Training Course | Oris Media

    Oris Media

    WZ is a unique method of interviewing a suspect or suspects once they have been identified after an investigation. The method works in any case where an employer has to have a “difficult” conversation with an employee.

    The strength of the method is that it uses a structured approach, behaviour monitoring and the broadcasting of the interviewer’s professionalism and credibility. Together with treating people with dignity and respect and showing understanding and empathy, it encourages openness and honesty from the suspect, and motivates them to voluntarily tell the truth about their involvement.

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