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Organisation Description

We believe that individuals respond best and are able to reach their full potential when they are looked after in an environment in which people are genuinely interested in their welfare, take time to get to know them and their needs, and ensure that those needs are met. We understand that individuals with behavioural, emotional and social difficulties respond best to calm, orderly and consistent support and will ensure that these are established and maintained.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Behaviour Intervention and De-Escalation Training

    Training Course | Pathways


    If we are faced with a person whose behaviour is such that they are likely to cause injury to themselves or others. Where; despite your best efforts to avoid the confrontation escalating; it has deteriorated into persistent challenging behaviour or a physical attack; it may be necessary for staff to use physical intervention skills. The course covers practical and physical training for de-escalating incidences when lone working as well as covering Health and safety- risk assessments and reporting.

  • Child Sexual Exploitation Awareness

    Training Course | Pathways


    This course provides learners knowledge and understanding of CSE starting with self-assessment of current knowledge. During the course we will look at and discuss young people’s perspectives. Discuss perceptions and misconceptions of victims and offenders. The course will highlight risk indictors and focus on vulnerabilities and how this can cause barriers between support workers and victims of CSE. Learners will look at grooming and gain awareness of statistics surrounding victims and offenders. We will look at expanding dialogue on CSE as well as understand how trauma can affect young people and repercussions of continued trauma. The final part of the course will look at the professional response to disclosures; understand how to create effective support building on victims’ resilience skills and understanding of protocols for missing from home and record keeping.

  • Values Training

    Training Course | Pathways


    Pathways First Aid at Work 1 Day Course is ideal for public and private sector front line staff working with the general public in work environments including social care and residential settings. The training includes actions for common first aid occurrences such as cuts; fainting and CPR as well as mental ill health crisis responses including self-harm; ligatures and overdoses. This bespoke first aid course is designed to support as a first responder to the growing needs of service users faced by support workers. By the end of the course learners should feel confident in administering first aid. This one-day course is ideal for new and seasoned first aiders

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