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Organisation Description

Paul Heat Recovery Scotland provides energy efficient ventilation solutions for sustainable homes in Scotland. Our company started as the Scottish and Northern Irish distributor for Paul Heat Recovery Ventilation Systems (MVHR), but we have recently diversified into a range of high performance products, to serve the different requirements of residential and commercial developments, new built as well as renovation projects.

Highly efficient heat recovery ventilation is the ideal partner for buildings which are relatively air tight. Air tightness goes hand in hand with good standards of insulation in the drive to optimise the energy efficiency of buildings.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Domestic Ventilation – Let’s open the can of worms

    Seminar | Paul Heat Recovery

    Paul Heat Recovery

    Introduction into indoor air quality; latest research findings; problems associated with it; building regulations & technical guidelines; possible solutions; pros & cons of various approaches and material; brief intro in best practice guidelines and innovative solutions.

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