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Organisation Description

Paul’s story is a powerful, emotional journey that cannot fail to grab the attention of anyone listening, from Directors, supervisors and operatives alike. Paul talks openly and willingly about the physical and physiological effects of his accident and experiences; the effects on his personal life including his family and friends, the financial and emotional costs, his mental and physical struggle, and his commitment to inspire and make a difference.

If you would like Paul to cover a specific theme in a presentation please contact Paul and he will gladly provide a talk tailored to your requirements drawing on his own experience and circumstances that will provide meaning and impact.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Man v Machine (Journey of Complacency)

    Training Course | Paul J Mahoney - Inspiring Safety

    Safety awareness (behavioural) presentation to highlight the dangers of complacency in the working environment; especially around machinery. The presentation uses a real-life story from Paul Mahoney as it basis.

  • Teamwork and Behaving Safely

    Training Course | Paul J Mahoney - Inspiring Safety

    This is a course to get entry level employees and supervisors to work more closely and understand each other more