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Organisation Description

Our training is based on the most up to date applied academic research, best practice guidance and over 40 years combined experience of working with individuals, families, services and systems.

We must clearly state that building the capacity of any setting to deliver PBS is about a commitment to workforce development and not just about training

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Introduction to Positive Behaviour Support

    Training Course | PBS UK Ltd

    PBS UK Ltd

    A one-day training session mapped against the 10 Key Components of Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) (Gore et al.; 2013). Participants will learn what PBS is; how it focuses on quality of life and behaviour analytic processes to contextualise and understand problem behaviour.

  • Positive Behaviour Support (2 Day)

    Training Course | PBS UK Ltd

    PBS UK Ltd

    A two-day training session designed for individuals working in complex care settings who are supervised by behavioural practitioners. It covers the foundations of PBS (as per Gore; 2013) as well as quality of life applications; the four-term contingency and restraint reduction.

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