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Organisation Description

Phase 3 Consulting are independent HRIS delivery partners – putting the people behind people technology. We stand back from the market and offer a different solution to maximising the value of a client’s HR system implementation and development.

Phase 3 provide end-to-end project partnership, including system selection and review, implementation and development consultancy, business intelligence talent, coaching and training, project management and mentoring and strategic HRIS support. We bring over 10 years of industry insight and experience from over 600 clients, from a whole-of-market perspective.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • HR Technology Masterclass: 12 Steps to Implementing Successful HR Tech Projects

    Training Course | Phase 3

    Phase 3

    This one-day HR Technology Masterclass course will equip delegates with an end-to-end understanding of what it takes successfully to implement HR technologies in 12 steps; from business case through to transition into the business as usual. With practical take-away tips and tactics to ensure results; independent experts in the field will help you appreciate both the wider context as well as how to apply within your own organisation. Understand the new HR technology-related competencies needed to build your own career and resource your team. The course is supported by full workbook material.

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