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PILAA is a visual content and educational agency, that specializes in creating original video work, photography, digital and real-time installations, for socially engaged projects dealing with issues around race, sex, class and cultural politics. Fundamental to our practice is the desire to shatter stereotypes and challenge perceptions through action and learning.

Our educational service provides clients with knowledge and understanding of how to unlock the bigger picture, through our image analysis methodologies. We deconstruct and reconstruct the language of images and subsequent visual cutures encoded with meaning, through theoretical research and visual arts practice.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • The Grassroots of Diversity

    Training Course | PILAA Pre-Image Learning And Action

    PILAA Pre-Image Learning And Action

    Following suit from the famous adage that “your reputation precedes you”; when we meet a new person or colleague for the first time we subconsciously create an image of who they are or what they are like based on their external differences: gender; race; hair; class; dis(ability); dress; voice. Who might this fellow be and how have we imagined them? In this introductory training programme for new starters to any organisation delegates will learn all the basics around ‘difference; diversity and inclusion’ unpacking our own biases and internal belief systems that we bring to our working lives and the workplace.

PILAA Pre-Image Learning And Action
Flat 5b, 13 Adys Road
SE15 4DX

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