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To thrive in this rapidly changing world of work, people need to be at the top of their game every day. Potentialife is a behavioural-change platform that creates the habits that unlock peak individual and team performance and productivity across organisations. We make this possible by combining three crucial components: the science of peak performance, the neuroscience of behavioural change, and a scalable technology platform.
• Based on science: Using the best research in positive psychology and behavioural science, Potentialife utilises this science of peak performance (SHARP) to develop leaders in 5 areas: strengths, health, absorption, relationships & purpose.
• Real and lasting change: A process-based intervention, our product and programmes are built to drive action and sustainable behaviour change that lasts well beyond the end of the programme.
• Change in context: Integrated into your daily work context, our technology and processes are designed to ensure business as usual and sustained change.
• Scalable & personal: Our product and delivery model are scalable across organisations, regardless of geography or management level. The entire experience is personalised for each individual through smart technology and user-centred design.
• Measurable impact: Participants change behaviours based on personal data diagnostics available at every stage of the programme. Careful tracking by our program managers of the impact provides organisations with people analytics and data-driven insight on people performance.
Potentialife was co-founded by Tal Ben-Shahar, a former Professor of Psychology at Harvard and Angus Ridgway, former Heard of Strategy at McKinsey. With 5 global offices and a team of designers, engineers and psychologists, Potentialife now transform organisations globally.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • The Potentialife Programme - Culture Change and Leadership Development

    Online Course | Potentialife


    At Potentialife we help organisations deliver on their leadership strategies by driving the development of day-to-day high-performance behaviours. Through a multi month blended delivery approach; programme participants undertake an orchestrated series of behavioural experiments. These experiments; rooted in the latest research; allow participants to trial; practice and ritualise the daily behaviours that reflect the most productive; resilient and agile leadership habits. By combining the latest research in positive psychology; the science of lasting habit formation and a technology platform; we have created a truly innovative technology-enabled process that is scalable to hundreds or thousands of participants.

Floor 3, Airspace Building, 29-31 Oxford Street, Soho

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