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Organisation Description

Established in 2002 Proludic Ltd are the UK subsidiary of the wider International Proludic group. Proludic have over 25 years of experience in designing and delivering innovative inclusive and bespoke play and sports projects.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • The 7 Steps To Success: Funding & Community Engagement

    Seminar | Proludic Ltd

    Presentation follows the process for acquiring funds for public play and sports areas.

  • Enhancing Community Spaces

    Seminar | Proludic Ltd

    Outlines how and why social landlords, schools, housing developers and local authorities can and should provide more opportunities for people to actively enjoy the space on their doorsteps.

  • Helping You Sell More Houses: A Guide On How To Increase Potential Sales

    Seminar | Proludic Ltd

    This presentation targets the housing sector and how they can maximise play areas in new developments to help sell more houses in the area. Practical tips and case study examples highlight this

  • Understanding the needs of the child within play space design

    Seminar | Proludic Ltd

    A presentation aiming to achieve a greater understanding of the relationship between landscape; design; children and play. This presentation focus on 5 key points; understanding what a successful play space means; what are we able to do to positively influence the design process; why children need to play; technical and safety regulations and celebrating good design.

  • Designing for Inclusion

    Seminar | Proludic Ltd

    All children should have access to play and to the same play facilities. This CPD explores research on different impairments: Motor; visual; learning and hearing and how best we can design play areas to incorporate these specific needs.