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Organisation Description

Proto Labs is the world’s fastest source for custom prototype and low- to mid-volume parts. With our 3D Printing, CNC Machining and Injection Moulding services, our speed and versatility lets you take your parts from the very early stages of prototyping all the way up to short-run production of 10,000+ parts — all with one technology-driven, quick-turn company.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • 3DP White Paper

    Literature | Proto Labs

    This white paper addresses the selection of the right material for 3D printing. Materials must be suited to the application in order to have successful results. The properties of any material become increasingly important as a product progresses from concept and functional prototyping to production. This whitepaper explores how to make the right choices for your project.

  • Prototyping Processes

    Literature | Proto Labs

    This white paper will help readers choose the correct process for their project. Information about strength; finish and material properties are provided to further facilitate this choice.

  • Design for Mouldability Volume 1

    Literature | Proto Labs

    Whether you’re new to the injection-moulding process or a veteran of manufacturing; our comprehensive Designing for Mouldability white paper is a quick reference guide to wall thicknesses; surface finishes; tolerances; materials; and other thermoplastic moulding insights.

  • Design for Mouldability Volume 2

    Literature | Proto Labs

    In our second volume on designing parts for mouldability; we dig deeper into some of the more complicated design challenges that product designers and engineers face

  • Industry 4.0 Automated Connectivity

    Seminar | Proto Labs

    In this seminar we discuss how web-connected manufacturing processes based on advanced automation and robotics; are delivering unparalleled levels of productivity; quality; and efficiency; opening the door to wholly new business models; such as servitisation; and build-to-order. Industry 4.0 isn’t just a different approach to manufacturing; it’s also an entirely new take on supply chain management.

  • Designing for the DMLS process

    Webinar | Proto Labs

    This webinar provides technical insights about how to design parts effectively for manufacture with Direct Metal Laser Sintering – aka DMLS. The topics covered include: what DMLS is; how it works and when it should be used; as well as important process and design considerations for engineers to keep in mind. Attendees will also have the chance to see how a DMLS manufactured part has been used in the real world in a truly exceptional case study.

  • From Prototype to Production

    Webinar | Proto Labs

    In this webinar; Stephen Dyson; Product Marketing Manager at Proto Labs; shares his technical insights about how to manage the transition between prototyping and production using digital manufacturing methods. The topics covered include: Project scoping; concept to prototype; design feasibility; on-demand production; mould considerations and key project considerations.

  • 3DP Technologies White Paper

    Literature | Proto Labs

    How to leverage additive manufacturing to build better products. From prototyping to production this white paper offers technical guidance to getting the best out of 3D printing technologies when considering product development and design complexities.