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Organisation Description

Kingdom Government is a non-profit community organisation and a registered learning provider based in Leeds. We strongly believe in Kingdom Advancement and Investment, which is to empower people with tools to enable them to succeed in every area of their lives. We provide a range of services to the community, such as Educational trainings, Leadership trainings, courses, business start up and development services, financial support to churches and charitable organisations.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available


    Training Course | Proverbs 31 Woman (Kingdom Government)

    Understanding good food hygiene is essential for all food handlers or anyone working in food establishment; it help the food handler to: 1.Protect the reputation of the food establishment 2.Reduce the risk of food poisoning among consumers. 3. Helps apply for legislation in food business. This training will help the learner to have a broad understanding and knowledge on how to controlling harmful bacteria; which can cause serious food poisoning illness to consumers. The four main things that the learner should remember for good hygiene are: Cross-contamination; Cleaning; Chilling; Cooking

  • The Health and Safety at Work

    Training Course | Proverbs 31 Woman (Kingdom Government)

    The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 provides the legal framework to promote; stimulate and encourage high standards of health and safety in places of work. It protects employees and the public from work activities.

  • First Aid at Work

    Training Course | Proverbs 31 Woman (Kingdom Government)

    First aid is the initial assistance or treatment given to a person who is injured or taken ill. The person who provides this help is a first aider. This training course prepares you for your step to becoming a first aider.

  • Diploma in Business Start-up & Enterprise

    Training Course | Proverbs 31 Woman (Kingdom Government)

    Starting your own business can be challenging and even daunting. This training course will equip you with the information and skills to start and run your own business effectively. It will give you the skills to reach potential customers; determine your correct legal status; write or improve your business plan; gain the right business management skills and more. Business Administrative and Management skills are an important contribution to any business or organisation. The business cannot thrive without proper administration and management in place. This course will give the basics needed to manage your business or organisation; keep your paperwork and computer records up to date and in order effortlessly.

  • Equality and Diversity and Employment Law Level 2

    Training Course | Proverbs 31 Woman (Kingdom Government)

    It is important to understand that; workforce diversity is not just a legislative requirement – it’s good for business also. Our Introduction to Equality and Diversity and Employment Law training course will show you; your staff and volunteers their responsibilities when it comes to creating a respectful workplace and the importance of valuing others. This training course is driven by practical and interactive sessions; with scenarios to ensure you; your staff and volunteers understand and recognize the issues of most importance around equality & diversity and employment law to your business and learn to instinctively act to support them on a day to day basis