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Deepen your knowledge of herbs, health and wellbeing with our beautiful new
online course.
Explore core topics such as supporting digestion and the microbiome, managing stress, improving sleep and skin health. Each module includes Ayurvedic wisdom on the doshas (an ancient mind-body blueprint) and how they help tailor
diet, lifestyle and herbal support. This free CPD certified course is available to our trade partners and all health care practitioners.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Pukka Life Academy Online Course

    Online Course | Pukka Herbs

    Pukka Herbs

    This world is for anyone with a passion for herbal wellbeing. Explore the wisdom of herbs and how to support digestion; manage stress; sleep better or improve skin health. Pukka invites you to discover your unique Ayurvedic dosha (an ancient mind-body profile) and understand how to tailor diet; lifestyle and herbal support; specifically to you. Course strictly for Pukka trade customers or registered health practitioners.

  • How can herbs help with the current sleep-loss epidemic?

    Webinar | Pukka Herbs

    Pukka Herbs

    Pukka’s approach to sleep is based on traditional healthcare principles whereby sleep problems are approached with nourishing remedies rather than short-term knockouts. We use herbs which calm but also have tonic; rejuvenating or adaptogenic effects to build up your long-term sleep capacity. We’ll cover our sleep heroes and how they work; including valerian; ashwagandha; chamomile and lavender.

  • How can herbs help balance a woman's hormones naturally?

    Webinar | Pukka Herbs

    Pukka Herbs

    This webinar looks at some natural approaches to balancing hormones; focusing on the herb Shatavari; the ultimate adaptogenic tonic to support women of all ages helping them feel balanced; healthy; and full of vitality.

  • How can herbs increase immune resilience in a post pandemic world?

    Webinar | Pukka Herbs

    Pukka Herbs

    This webinar will cover how herbs can support both acute and longer-term immunity issues; from elderberries with their exceptionally high vitamin C content to the wonders of organic medicinal mushrooms to help build longer-term defence. From common viral infections such as cold and flu to respiratory problems; Pukka’s herbal formulas are uniquely developed to ensure optimum absorption of these natural ingredients; helping you be well and stay well; whatever the time of year. We’ll also cover a research overview on Andrographis; a key Ayurvedic herb; which has the potential to effectively treat conditions commonly tackled with strong antibiotic medicine.

Pukka Herbs
The Herb House, The Chocolate Factory
The Chocolate Quarter
Via Traversus, Keynsham
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