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Organisation Description

We offer advisory and in-house training for financial institutions and IT providers in the areas of dynamic financial modelling, derivatives, quant architecture, model risk and XVA. We also offer a one-day workshop on these subjects in Mayfair.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Multivariate dynamics of financial markets

    Seminar | Quantitative Recipes

    Quantitative Recipes

    Have you ever had to quickly analyse a bunch of financial time series on a spreadsheet? Equity or FX returns; or bond yields; or CDS or interest rate swap spreads; or various combinations of those? Did you do it in a “fairly simple way”? Having attended our workshop; you will be sure you are doing it the “correct” way. Our concise and practical course will help you to see the big (though detailed) picture of the subject and to learn practical skills and tricks to get better at your game; from risk analysis to quantitative trading strategy idea generation.

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