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Organisation Description

Reachout ASC is a centre of excellence for supporting pupils with Autism Spectrum Conditions (ASC). Highly experienced in identifying and meeting the needs of children and equipping staff to provide the right learning environment. With expertise that includes the SEND Code of Practice, applying for Education, Health and Care Plans (EHCPs) and pre-diagnostic reports. We make school successful for pupils with ASC because all the team go through a stringent process of training and development to ensure consistency of our very high standards.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Lego Based Therapy

    Training Course | Reachout ASC

    Reachout ASC

    Lego Based Therapy is a social communication intervention for autistic and other children with social communication; nurture and SEMH needs. On this course you will learn how to plan; lead and assess a 12 week Lego Based Therapy intervention with the advantage of doing a practical session with children from the host school.

  • Supporting Autistic Pupils Learning in School.

    Training Course | Reachout ASC

    Reachout ASC

    This course gives you a comprehensive understanding of what autism is; how autism presents in different pupils and how it shapes the way they learn. We look at supporting learning and behaviour in each key stage; through practical strategies and how these help and support the pupil’s learning in all areas of the curriculum. We discuss the key adaptations that enable autistic pupils to engage; learn and thrive in school.

  • Autism and Anxiety online course

    Online Course | Reachout ASC

    Reachout ASC

    Autistic children can experience anxiety more than many others and this course looks at what may cause them to be anxious; how the environment; communication; routines and emotional literacy support we give them can help. We look at the stress and anxiety relationship and look at the science that helps us understand what is happening. There are lots of resources; teaching strategies and wellbeing support that we explore and discuss how to match these to the needs of the autistic child or young person. Finally we discuss what to do if you are worried about their mental health

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