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Organisation Description

The University’s Recruitment and Outreach Department (RAO) engages with prospective students and their influencers to promote the benefits of higher education and studying at the University. RAO is responsible for providing higher education advice to potential applicants through our schools liaison and attendance at higher education fairs within the UK or the European Union.
Delivery of exciting events for Astudents aged 14-19 including summer schools, subject courses and special university lectures. Organising an extensive range of outreach activities to raise aspirations and increase participation in higher education.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Economics Discipline and Student Learning: Practical session

    Webinar | Recruitment and Outreach Department - University of East Anglia

    Recruitment and Outreach Department - University of East Anglia

    The session consists of two parts In the first part we discuss the cycle of a university student of economics from entry level subjects to leavers destinations as well as pedagogical approach to teaching economics at university In the second part we discuss how to develop student confidence and academic self-efficacy through pedagogies that combine peer-instruction and self-assessment In the final part we discuss how to construct simple metrics for learning gain and confidence gain and evaluate the effectiveness of the pedagogical approach we propose The session is interactive Teachers get involved with through an audience response system as well as open discussion

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