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Organisation Description

We train life-savers. We give people the skills to be ready for, and respond to major disasters like earthquakes, floods, conflict and drought.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Training of Trainers for the Humanitarian Sector

    Training Course | RedR UK

    RedR UK

    This five-day course combines theory and practice to help participants understand the fundamentals of training and facilitation and develop competencies to aid them in becoming a more effective trainer.

  • Programme Management for Development Professionals Level 1 (PMD Pro1)

    Training Course | RedR UK

    RedR UK

    PMD Pro 1 is a five day introduction to project management in a humanitarian and development context. The course covers the basic concepts – the terminology and tools – of project management used by NGOs.

  • Health in Humanitarian Settings

    Training Course | RedR UK

    RedR UK

    The challenges of providing medical-assistance and health-care in humanitarian settings are many and complex. This course aims to introduce medical professionals to the key career-considerations – relating to roles in the humanitarian sector – including an awareness of cultural and contextual factors. The course will: discuss humanitarian health architecture; detail roles and responsibilities between/with key agencies; use real-life scenarios to enable participants to consider challenging dilemmas and draw upon case-studies and examples involving humanitarian principles and medical standards (provided by medical personnel recently returned from a humanitarian setting; who will share their direct experience and advice).

  • Disaster Relief Workshop-Nepal Earthquake 2015

    Workshop | RedR UK

    RedR UK

    The aim of the exercise is to give participants a taste of what it’s like to work in disaster relief; as well as to develop their team work and inter-team coordination skills. This is done via a simulation in which participants are tasked with delivering an effective humanitarian response to an area affected by a natural disaster; specifically the Nepal earthquake 2015. They are also given a grounding into humanitarian work: its principles and wider context.

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