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The RENOLIT Group is an international leader in the manufacture of high-quality plastic films and one Europe’s largest producers of synthetic single ply waterproofing membranes for roofing. RENOLIT has been setting benchmarks for quality and innovation for over 60 years, employing around 4,000 employees at more than 30 production sites. The RENOLIT brand enjoys a worldwide reputation for technical expertise, modern product design and customer-orientated service. Its product portfolio targets the flat roofing market, solar installations, garden roofs, pitched roofs, new buildings and renovations. RENOLIT membranes are installed using three different methods: ballasted (ballast, paving slabs, green roof), mechanical fastening or adhered (glue or self-adhered).

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Bright Future For Synthetic Roofing Membranes

    Seminar | RENOLIT Cramlington Limited

    RENOLIT Cramlington Limited

    Seminar looks at the chemistry/production techniques for the materials, considers details and application techniques for all methods of attachment. Discusses the application and installation of renewable energy systems and finishes with the methods of re-cycling the products at the end of life.

  • History, Current Use And Future Of Single Ply Membranes

    Seminar | RENOLIT Cramlington Limited

    RENOLIT Cramlington Limited

    Seminar considers the history, current use and future of synthetic roof waterproofing in the UK. Covers the fundamental principles of single ply systems, their application techniques and the aesthetic properties that can be exploited within the various material types. Important elements relating to fire performance and wind loads are included detail.


    Seminar | RENOLIT Cramlington Limited

    RENOLIT Cramlington Limited

    This seminar provides an outline of green roofs and green roof options when waterproofing with single ply membrane; It covers the materials used; the importance of certified product; installation; detailing; outcome and maintenance

RENOLIT Cramlington Limited
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