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Organisation Description

The research quality association (RQA) is a professional membership body dedicated to informing and advancing its members. We provide status and visibility for individuals engaged in the quality of research concerning pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, chemicals and medical devices. Since our inception in 1977, the Association has increased and evolved to reflect regulatory changes, the growing impact of regulatory inspection and the ever-changing structure and needs of industry.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • ICH E6 R2 Step 4: The biggest change in international GCP in 20 Years

    Webinar | Research Quality Association

    In this course participants will discover what the GCP Inspectors “Hot Topics” are that have been added to E6 R2; whether these match with other major developments in GCP and if the regulation will have an impact on their organisation.

  • Audit Programmes and Risk Assessment

    Training Course | Research Quality Association

    The course will work through why audits are important and understanding the drivers behind a good audit programme. It will discuss how to identify and assess the risks in your organisation; linking them with organisational goals; using these risks as a basis for the design of a risk based audit programme during facilitated practical workshops. Delegates will have the opportunity to consider and discuss common issues and constraints that may shape their audit programmes.

  • GCP Regulatory Inspections

    Training Course | Research Quality Association

    This course has been designed to provide you with the necessary skills and tools to prepare and host a regulatory inspection and to facilitate the response and follow-up to the inspection findings. The course encompasses inspections at sponsor and contract research organisation sites; as well as at the investigator site. It will also look at current inspection finding trends; and inspection hot topics/focus trends.

  • GLP for Study Directors; Principal Investigators; Study Staff and Management

    Training Course | Research Quality Association

    This course is designed to provide comprehensive guidance and practical help for those who fulfil the role of Study Director or Principal Investigator in the conduct of non-clinical safety studies on pharmaceuticals; agricultural and industrial chemicals in compliance with Good Laboratory Practice. This course will also be of considerable benefit to study staff and management working in a GLP environment. The course will address current OECD GLP Principles and UK GLP legislation; but will also make reference to other international standards; regulations and guidelines.

  • The Auditing Course

    Training Course | Research Quality Association

    This course is specifically designed to develop and refine personal skills in the planning; performance and reporting of audits. It is applicable to any area of regulated research and development. It is particularly valuable where there is a quality system requirement for audit. In order to gain maximum benefit from the course it is recommended that participants have personal experience of audit.

  • Systems Approach to Good Pharmacovigilance Practice

    Training Course | Research Quality Association

    The purpose of this course is to facilitate how delegates visualise; monitor and provide assurance of how elements of the pharmacovigilance system fit together; interact and change over time to achieve the objectives of pharmacovigilance. Auditors and Pharmacovigilance (PV) practitioners will explore application of the legal requirements in the GVP modules. They will examine how the PV system and its quality system interact to achieve compliance with regulatory requirements. PV auditors will develop an approach to define the scope of the PV audit and conduct PV audits. Practitioners will develop an approach to implementing; monitoring and maintaining the PV system.

  • Practical Pharmacovigilance Auditing

    Training Course | Research Quality Association

    This well-established course will explore key phases of pharmacovigilance auditing. It will address the impact of the EU pharmacovigilance legislation on auditing and provide guidance on auditing pharmacovigilance systems at both the global and local organisational level. This course is designed for pharmacovigilance auditors; auditors new to pharmacovigilance and pharmacovigilance professionals to provide them with insight into developing and/or optimising a pharmacovigilance audit programme. In order to gain maximum benefit from the course; an understanding of pharmacovigilance is advantageous.

  • Implementing GCLP

    Training Course | Research Quality Association

    This course is designed to provide comprehensive guidance and practical help for those who are implementing Good Clinical Laboratory Practice in laboratories which undertake the analysis of samples from clinical trials. The course will address the current regulatory framework for laboratory work in support of clinical trials with reference to the ICH Guideline for Good Clinical Practice; the Clinical EU Trials Directive and related regulations and guidance. The course will also draw on the RQA guidance document on Good Clinical Laboratory Practice (GCLP).

  • Research Quality Assurance for Good Laboratory Practice

    Training Course | Research Quality Association

    This course offers the ideal external training opportunity for those starting out as Quality Assurance auditors or working under Good Laboratory Practice regulation for the first time.